Microfiber Bed Sheets

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Size: Queen
Color: Taupe

Cozy look and feel, high value.
Microfiber feels soft and velvety on your skin, plus the benefits of easy care and a secure fit. OEKO-TEX Certified.

Feel the Difference Sleep better and wake up each morning feeling refreshed and full of energy.
Wrinkle- and stain-resistant - polyester helps your bed stay neat, without pilling and shrinking
Affordable and Comfortable for the perfect sleeping temperatures.
DEEP POCKETS: Fits mattresses up to 16" deep with elastic all around the fitted sheet




  • 90" X 102" Flat Sheet,
  • 60" X 80" Fitted Sheet  
  • Two 20" X 30" Pillowcases.



  • 102" X 105" Flat Sheet
  • 78" X 80" Fitted Sheet  
  • Two 20"X 40" Pillowcases.

Size: Queen
Color: Taupe